Rafflesia Wellness Centre Kuching


Bringing new equilibrium to one’s energy centers around the self-healing disciplines of the ancient healers to refresh the harmony and balance to the mind, body, and soul. Rafflesia signature body massage includes a combined selection of aromatherapy oils and techniques to ensure that you experience optimal physical and emotional benefits.


Pick the body scrub and masque for your choice for cleansing by exfoliating the excess dead skin with your skin feeling soft a supple. A perfect combination of ingredients to restore the equilibrium and deliver vitamins and mineral boost to your skin. Treatment ends with a hydrating application using a conditioning body ointments made from selected rainforest herbs is synergies with the seven individuals essentials oils that will bring about the alignment of all your energy.


The Borneo Rainforest is the one of the oldest rainforest in the world. It contains the richest of plants and herb species which have been used to re-energise and rejuvenate through the ages. The ingredients that are incorporated in the spa journey owe its source to the Borneo rainforest which is believed to promote good health and beauty the skin. The entire experience begins with body scrub or wrap and end with body masssage


Specially designed for stressed skin lacking luminosity and needing specific re-moisturizing and visible re-oxygenation.


Using exquisite botanical extracts, our manicure and pedicure treatments are designed to cleanse, soften, nourish, and revitalize. Make a great impression with well-groomed and youthful hands.

FOOT SPA (90mins | RM130)

A relaxing spa pedicure includes an invigorating foot bath, scrub, mask, relaxing foot massage and essential nail grooming. A callus treatment that leaves your feet feeling as clean and fresh as can be.

 HAND SPA (60mins | RM100)

This indulgent spa manicure includes a stimulating hand scrub, soothing hand bath, relaxing hand massage, and essential nail maintenance and grooming. A combination of sea salt and wild flowers gently exfoliate, while Shea butter nourishes your skin.


This Spa journey is inspired by the mystical nature of Santubong which traces its existence to a local legend. The ingredients in this spa journey are sources from herbal plants which have been used by traditional wellness healers through generations. It believe that this combined mix can promote good health and beautify skin. This feminine experience begins with a relaxing bath, follow by a body scrub or wrap then a full body massage and end with Rejuvenating Facial.


Batang Rajang, which traverses deep into upriver Sarawak, has the distinguished record as the longest river in Malaysia. Riverine flora along the Batang Rajang draw out a diverse range of plant species. The ingredients of this Spa experience are a concoction from the mangrove in Batang Rajang. It is beneficial for the skin and act as a good anti-oxidant enzyme. The unique treatment begins with relaxing bath, follow by a body scrub or wrap then a full body massage and end with Detox Facial.

‘Quick Fix’

Back Muscle Relief 50mins | RM150
Foot Reflexology 60mins | RM248
Head, Neck & Shoulder 30mins | RM60


60mins | RM179
90mins | rm248
120mins | RM300

Balinese Massage – 60 mins | RM180
Full-body, deep-tissue holistic treatment

Aromatherapy Massage – 90 mins | RM250
Natural oils to enhance psychological and physical