Foot Therapy - 60 mins

An ancient foot massage to stimulate nerve reflexes of the feet. Recommended for healing of stress, circulatory problems and elimination of toxins.



Tension Relief Therapy - 45 mins

Be prepared to feel smothered in relaxation for this upper-body massage which soothes you from every direction. Suitable for tense and stressed muscles especially after a hard days work or a physical outdoor activity.


Body Scrub + Balinese Massage - 120 mins

Choice between Kemuning (turmeric), Green Tea or Coffee for your body scrub before enjoying the traditional healing Balinese Massage.


Balinese Body Aromatherapy - 60 mins

Uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy oils to stimulate the blood circulation.
Works deeply to soothe damaged tissue, and relieve strained muscles.
Balinese massage aims to relieve wide range of ailments such as migraine, muscles and joint pain, stress, depression and asthma.
The use of aroma oils is calming and relaxing.


Rafflesia Combo - 60 mins

A combination of Balinese, Lomi Lomi & Shiatsu massage techniques, a great way to experience all three variations. The gentle stretches of the Balinese technique eases strained muscles and joint pains, while the healing art of Hawaiis ancient Lomi Lomi massage technique relieves stress and soothes the mind. The Shiatsu technique completes the session by improving and restoring flow of energy or chi by applying finger and palm pressure to the meridians or energetic pathways of the body.


Foot & Body Combo -
90 mins

Experience this 90 mins foot and body rejuvenation for a whole body tune-up.